• Mporium Rod Bearing Services

    Mporium BMW's number one job request from in-the-know M3 owners is rod bearing service. We are an official dealer for BE bearing products which are now the gold standard for these engines. Having performed almost more of these jobs than we can count, Mporium is the hands down leader for this service in north Texas, receiving recognition as the expert on both online enthusiast forums and local ///M clubs alike. Mporium is a detail oriented facility that takes pride in tending to the little things that other shops neglect in order to turn higher profits. We are the true enthusiasts auto shop.

  • BMW Rod Bearing Problem

    Bmw has long suffered a bad reputation for engine bearing failure and premature wear in their Motorsports line of M3 and M5 engines (S54, S65, S85).
    Experts agree that BMW had designed a bearing clearance tolerance significantly less than the performance engine industry suggests, which is compounded by another issue known as "tolerance stacking" which can potentially reduce the effective bearing clearance to well below acceptable dimensions. As a result we see all of these engines wearing through their bearings prematurely, sometimes with catastrophic engine failures at mileages we've seen as low as 13,000 miles.
    Oil analyses are sometimes helpful in catching premature wear in some 2010 or older engines before a catastrophic failure occurs, but there is really no way to identify imminent danger. Furthermore- in our experience maintenance history, usage style, or even how your engine sounds has little to no influence on how long your bearings may last.
  • Rod Bearing Solution

    Ever since the early 2000's when BMW enthusiasts started to observe M3 engines failing at an alarming rate, several companies have since engineered replacement bearing sets that address the apparent inadequate bearing clearances that these particular engines suffer from. 

    Mporium BMW is an official partner with BE Bearings, who has developed a uniquely engineered product line intended to solve the deficiencies in the market for these engines.  BE has made their research available for evaluation, allowing consumers and engine builders alike to be educated on the issue and remedy. We believe BE to be the best solution because their dimensions and final bearing clearance result in the closest to what the industry believes is ideal for performance engines.  In addition, their copper/lead makeup allows for logging wear trends via oil analyses. Manufactured by industry leader Clevite with their Tri-Armor coating, you cannot go wrong with these in your engine.

    Call us and let Mporium BMW service your rod bearings and help your engine live the longest life possible!

  • General Service

    Mporium's expertise handles all BMW maintenance and services efficiently and swiftly. When it comes to M3 service, our experience is what sets us apart from the average service center. We take the jobs other shops could not complete. We receive daily deliveries from BMW and aftermarket parts distributors so your car can get back on the road fast.

  • Diagnostics

    Mporium performs most diagnostics and programming with the same officially licensed ISTA D/P software that BMW dealerships use.  To exceed dealership capabilities we are also equipped with the full suite of factory level BMW software for custom coding and programming, plus third party diagnostics software to quickly get to the root of the issue.  Between these resources and the network of other experts that we contract with, we can provide services that blow away the dealership and other independent shops. It's the benefit of being a specialist. This is not only great for staying within budget, but also when it comes to special projects not supported by most service centers, such as used module repurposing and programming, module repair and "virginizing", conversions and retrofits, etc. 

  • Used Parts

    Mporium BMW is a Texas licensed Used Auto Parts Recycler. We specialize in used M3 parts, acquiring unique M3's at wholesale auctions in order to salvage quality used M3 parts for resale.

    As a result we are not only able to supply brand new Genuine BMW parts, OEM equivalent parts, and upgraded performance parts, but we can usually supply the necessary used parts for your repair from our on-hand inventory, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and weeks of downtime on your service visit.

    Mporium Maintains a massive online eBay store for strictly M3 parts. Since we are M3 specialists our expertise with the model allow us to offer superior used parts at competitive used pricing. Junkyards just can't compete.

  • New Parts and Warranty

    As an independent, Mporium BMW is not bound to the limitation of using only genuine BMW parts like a dealership is. While we do in fact receive daily deliveries of Genuine BMW parts from worldwide distribution centers for the most discerning customers, we also offer money saving options from other aftermarket OEM equivalent manufacturers. These are parts made by the same companies that provide BMW their parts, but without the licensing expense of having the BMW logo remain on the part. We can usually source even the most difficult to find parts and no longer available (NLA) parts.

    There's no need to Bring Your Own Parts (BYOP).  In most cases our standard prices beat what you can find comparable parts online for. There is no M-TAX with Mporium.  Parts we supply and install will come with the full manufacturers warranty.  If however you do wish to supply your own parts, we will still be happy to install them for you. Of course, we guarantee all installation labor. 

  • Custom & Performance Service

    Mporium is equipped to handle almost any custom project with attention to detail not found at other shops.

    -TIG welding- Stainless, Aluminum, Titanium
    -Thread repair and light machine work
    -Custom mandrel bent exhausts
    -Bushing and bearing installations
    -Weld-in reinforcements
    -Composites Repair and Installation
    -Cerakote and Ceramic coatings
    -Engine conversions
    -Big brake kits- AP Racing, Stoptech, Brembo...

    We are so much more than a service shop and take pride in our diverse abilities. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


  • Rebuild....Restore....Modify

    Mporium doesn't stop at small jobs. We crave the opportunity to create the bespoke. We have completed minor to full restorations. We love engine conversions.   We employ many OEM type practices to produce the highest quality finished product.  Our preferred disciplines achieve an OEM PLUS type feel to every project.  If we don't have what we need to finish the task properly, we source it.  No zip ties and wood screws here!

  • Special Products & Brands

    From fluids to big brake kits, Mporium has identified needs for many unique products well suited for the M3. Over the years we have used many aftermarket parts and have selected a few to endorse and keep in stock. Many of these essential items are hard to find locally which adds a great level of convenience to locals.  Some of the brands we carry are:

    -AP Racing brakes
    -BE Bearings
    -Brembo brakes
    -BMW genuine parts and Performance line
    -CSF cooling
    -EBC brakes
    -KW Suspension
    -Redline oils
    -Spiegler Brake lines
    -VAC Motorsports

    We have accounts to source most performance brands. Just contact us with your needs and let us earn your business.

  • 2008-2013 M3 Front Undertray

    For the 2008-2013 M3 BMW designed a relatively complex and lightweight three piece front undercarriage cover system for protection against debris and assist in structural, aerodynamic, and cooling function while at the same time mitigating weight gain. Owners often call these pieces "underbelly panels", or "felt panels" and they are, unfortunately, quite fragile.

    One or two hits from road debris is all it takes to destroy these original panels. They also disintegrate over time from bottoming out in potholes, dips, and driveways since they extend below the bumper. Unfortunately, due to the modest cost to replace these parts with new OEM pieces, we usually see these parts either severely damaged or missing altogether on customer's cars. 

    Mporium BMW has developed a tried and true solution for this and we have sold hundreds worldwide with 100% positive feedback from customers who have installed them.

  • The Permanent Upgrade

    Our Custom Aluminum Front Undertray is the permanent solution for this issue.  This piece serves as an upgrade in several ways:

    -Durability: Our tray is made from 1/8" thick 5052 aluminum and powdercoated in a sand black textured finish. Compared to the thin plastic felt parts, this part is nearly indestructible. 

    -Structural: Our tray attaches to all of the original attachment points of the original felt panels, plus adds a few for extra security.  The OEM parts as well as this tray serve as attachment points for the bumper and fender liners. Without the OEM parts or this undertray present, the bumper and fender liners are left loose which causes road noise and additional damage.

    -Clearance: Our one-piece tray flattens out the front engine area which nets roughly 2" of ground clearance under the bumper with no aerodynamic downsides for daily drivers. This is great for owners of lowered cars or those who live in a city with frequent road hazards.

  • Easy Installation

    For a limited time, we are installing these at no charge for local customers!

    We are happy to ship these worldwide. Flat shipping to contiguous states is only $40. We offer competitive International rates via FedEx.

    For shipped orders we include thorough installation instructions, all hardware, and even include the drill bit required for installation. It only takes about 30 minutes to install once you have the car on stands.

    For purchase details please use the CONTACT page.